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  • Bella Donna previously Oak Grove's Beirut
  • Oak Grove's Beyrouth
  • Oak Grove's Heartfelt
  • All Star V previously All For Love
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"Breed the best to the best
  and hope for the best"

Our Team

  • Anke Kehl

Anke is our General Manager. With a Horse Master’s diploma she is responsible for mentoring our trainees. She oversees our breeding program and working together with the owner of Gestuet Eichenhain, travels to scout out top class youngsters and stallions for purchase and breeding so we always have the best possible pedigrees and talent in our midst. Another part of her work is to perform osteopathy, acupressure, and chiropractic treatment on our sporthorses.

  • Natalie Kennedy

Is our Sporthorse Stable and Sales Manager. She takes care of the management of the day to day running of the sport stable and coordinates with the vets and blacksmiths that our horses are in the best possible shape ready for top level competition. Natalie oversees the training of the young horses and together with the owner selects the horses for sales, licensing’s and competition and is the contact person for all sales.

  • Lena Büscher

Lena also has a Horse Master’s diploma and, in coordination with Anke, mentors our trainees. She is present for all births that take place at Gestut Eichenhain and is the first point of call in an emergency. She takes care of all official business in the office and she is also responsible for the day-to-day management of the broodmares and foals.

  • Harm Lahde

Harm is our first rider. He competes the very best of our equine athletes up to 5* level. He works in coordination with Natalie and his team to ensure the horses are in top condition for their rigorous competition schedule. He also coordinates the competition schedule for all other show riders and takes an active part in the training and improvement of all riders here at Gestuet Eichenhain.

  • Massimo Bonomi

Massimo is our 2nd show rider and competes our younger or less experienced horses up to S** level, competing both nationally and internationally he works together with his groom to ensure his horses are in top shape when they enter the ring.

  • Jessie Distler

Jessie is our international show groom, she takes care of all the needs of our top show horses when they travel international competition. Staying in constant communication with our vets to ensure our four legged superstars are always feeling and looking good.  Jessie also rides the top competition horses on the flat when she is at home and plays an avid part in ensuring everyone is fit and ready to go.

  • Melanie Kosse

Melanie is Harm’s home rider. She takes care of the training schedules of the top horses when Harm is away on show. Riding herself on the flat she works together with the home grooms to ensure all horses are kept in full work and fitness and is personally responsible for the care of the crème of the crop when Harm and Jessie are absent.

  • Krasimir Kostadinov

Krasimir is our Young Horse Rider, he is responsible for starting all of our young horses under saddle and preparing them for competition. He works together with Natalie preparing the young horses for licensing and auction and is a valued part of the freejumping team.

  • Noemi Imets

Noemi is Harm’s home groom. She together with Melanie is responsible for ensuring the horses not going on show are well cared for and that all horses are all trimmed, clipped and looking good. She is also responsible for ensuring that all horses are our several times a day by putting them into the horse walker and paddock’s daily.

  • Zsolt Kukor

Zsolt works together with Lena to ensure all broodmares and foals are turned out everyday. He also assists with the visits from the vet and together with the rest of the breeding team makes the effort to ensure all of our young horses are sufficiently handled from birth and are used to human contact.

  • Atilla Imets

Atilla is the groom from Max.He travels with Max on show but he is also responsible for making sure all Max's horses are in top condition and looking good by keeping them clipped and trimmed. He also takes care that they are out numerous times a day by putting them on the walker and the paddocks daily.

  • Lisa

Lisa is also responsible for the day to day care of the broodmares and younghorses. Together with Nomei and Julia she helps turn out all horses and ensures that they all well groomed and in good condition. She also assists to prepare the selected broodmare for sale or selections.

  • Julia

Julia together with Lisa and Nomei also assists with the turning out of the horses daily and ensures they are groomed and in top condition. Julia also assists Peter with the feeding in the mornings and evenings.

  • Peter Czechmeister

Peter, together with Zsolt, is responsible for the daily feeding of the horses and cleaning of the stables.

  • Zoltan Vaczi

Zoltan is our house master, he takes care of all grounds keeping and repairs that need to be done to keep the stable in top condition.

  • Olga Wilzer

Olga is our cook. She is responsible for preparing two fresh meals daily that the team shares in our common dining area.

  • Giza & Tupac